Tacks in blister for the upholsterers

Our suggestion also for the DIY upholsterer

With blister of strips and nails  for upholsterers we present the complete kit for specific or occasional needs, perfect for DIY, for experts and even for hobbyist. 

Maximum functionality and everything you need for this proposal that offers a solution that is very popular in Northern Europe, frequently distributed in hardware stores and DIY stores.

What the blister kit contains

Each single pack contains 5 meters of nailhead strips, corresponding to 5 strips ready for use and a handful of about 100 nails for fixing. The goal is to provide everything you need to start and finish the job.

Two sizes are available according to the specifics of the project to be realized: 100 1/3 (9.5mm) or 130 1/3 (11mm) and the kit can be made with all the colors of our nailhead strips.

Tacks in blister for the upholsterers

Blister 130 1/3

Blister tacks for upholstery with 5 mt nailhead trim strips and 95 nails which are suitable for boxes of 66pcs. Head diameter 11mm.
Tacks in blister for the upholsterers

Blister 100 1/3

Blister with 5mt nailhead strips + 105 nails to match boxes of 66 pcs
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