Accessories for upholstery

Glides for chairs and furniture, shelf-holders, chairs slides and Flex curve- plygrip for fastening fabrics

For over 60 years we have been manufacturing a wide range of accessories for upholstery to meet the needs of all the professionals. Our solutions are developed with the utmost attention to the materials of use, and versatile with respect to the characteristics and design of the items on which they are used.

Our range of upholstery accessories includes: 

Glides of chairs and furniture

Molded in low density polyethylene, they guarantee a soft and efficient support in cushioning any blows and accompany the movements of chairs and furniture. 

Produced in strips of 16 heads with 15mm long steel nail, they are available in the colors: white, black and brown. 

Shelf Holders

Molded tiles in high density polyethylene guarantee greater resistance to the internal shelves of the furniture, improving the weight support capacity. 

Products in strips of 22 heads with nails ranging in length from 8mm, 10mm and e12mm, are available in the colors: white, black and brown.

Loose slides- glides for chairs and furniture

The small accessories that stick under chairs and furniture to facilitate moving without noise and without damaging furniture and flooring, are available in three types of material:

  1. Molded in  iron and then nickel-plated, available in six different diameter sizes: 16mm-18mm-20mm-23mm-25mm-30mm
  2. Molded in nickel-plated iron with the application of a rubber shock absorber, available in seven different sizes of diameter: 15mm-18mm-20mm-23mm-26mm-30mm-40mm
  3. high density polyethylene molded for those who need high performance in terms of strength       and hardness, available in four different diameter sizes: 15mm-18mm-20mm-22mm

Flex-curve, Ply grip for fastening cloth or leather

The use of this type of accessories for upholstery is essential for a fixing without defects or folds of fabric and leather to the wooden structure of the furniture. 

The flex-curve are splints of cut iron, 1.5m long, with particular insertion of tabs/ lammellas and specific teeth that allow the attachment of fabrics or leather to the stem of chairs, armchairs or sofas.

Available in three different types - normal, special and extra - the normal staple has 4 fixing teeth, the special one has 5 teeth while the extra one has 3. 

All models are in 1.5m lenghts , and in the case of the extra model there is also the 30m roll size.

Furniture Sliders

Nickel glides

Nickel glides for chairs - available size: diam. 16mm-18mm-20mm-23mm-25mm-30mm
Chair-Furniture Glides

Glides on strip

Plastic Glides on strip  - diam. 17mm  - strips of 16 pcs- Boxes of 2500 pcs available colors : white-  black
Shelf Supports

Shelf holders

Shelf holders on strip - diam. 11mm  - strips with 22pcs - shank lenght : 8-10-12 mm boxes of 5000 pz available colors: white - black -walnut
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