Nails for shoes

Studs for shoes are a decorative solution that allows the shoe world excellent opportunities for finishing and customization.  And if traditionally has always been the summer women’s footwear, object of decorum, over time with the evolution of fashion, the use of the bullet has also found space in men’s winter footwear.

With sizes ranging from 5.5mm up to 20mm, in addition to the decorative function, the studs attach the upper to the sole or reinforce the fastening of previously placed stitches. The shank can be worked with "screw-type" thread and with "fishbone" thread to increase the tear-resistant effect of the stud and ensure greater tightness. various of our models for the industry.

Loose nails

With the loose studs, we propose a solution suitable for a unique and personalized decoration of the shoe, thanks to the bullets to be fixed individually only hammer.

Jewel nails

Designed for quick and easy application with pneumatic compressed air machines, these studs add a distinctive element to the shoe's design. Available in two sizes, 6.5mm and 9.5mm, both models of studs have a dedicated machine for application.  

Nails on plastic strips

Each jewel stud is individually crafted with the help of diamond tips for maximum precision and attention to detail. Each nail is a unique work of art, with small details that make it distinctive.

Flat Head Upholstery Tacks

Flat Head Upholstery Tack - 100 1/3

Reference 100 1/3. These nails for upholstery have a head diameter of 9.50mm. Our nailhead strips are available with both smooth and ringed shanks. Discover online all available finishes: old gold, bronze renaissance, old coppered, nickel plated, antique black oxidized, coppered, brass, pewter, pewter spotted, old brass, metal gun, raw, old brassed n.5,...
Nails on plastic strips for shoes

nails 06.5mm

nails diam. 6.5mm ref. 20 1/3 put on plastic strip to fix with pneumatic gun
nails diam.9.5 S10 put on plastic strip, to fix with the pneumatic gun. Boxes of 18.000 pcs
Fancy nails diam. 9mm 548WX, on plastic strip to fix with the pneumatic gun. Boxes of 18.000pcs
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