Upholstery Tacks Blister

Here you can find decorative nailheads and upholstery nails designed to complete your do-it-yourself projects. They are 5-meter packs with about 100 upholstery tacks suitable for handwork. Discover our wide range of styles, sizes and finishes: our blister tacks for upholstery ensure that you find the right upholstery nail for your project thanks to the two sizes available (100 1/3 and 130 1/3).

Upholstery Tacks Blister

Blister 130 1/3

Blister tacks for upholstery with 5 mt nailhead trim strips and 95 nails which are suitable for boxes of 66pcs. Head diameter 11mm.
Upholstery Tacks Blister

Blister 100 1/3

Blister with 5mt nailhead strips + 105 nails to match boxes of 66 pcs
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